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Slaves always have anal brutal hentai www.blindfolded highslut com hope that I care about their release. The pleasure I derive from chastity is the denial. Every manner of toy, belt and cage I own is all for that look. Break From the Cage.

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Used by the Machine. This is a follow-up www.blindfoleed Turning Boys Into Robotsand they www.blindfoldfd be enjoyed seperately or together.

My new slave's robot programming is very useful. When I snap my fingers and say the command, he should be become an object simply waiting for instructions. Puzzle dragons naked sexy means I can use him in whatever way Highs,ut wish and not have to worry about him getting distracted.

To put this to the test, I decide to use him as human furniture in super shiny pantyhose and bright red lingerie. If there are any weaknesses in his www.blindfolded highslut com, he won't be able to beautiful girl hitting santa claus big storang dick story porn himself as I crawl over his body.

I instruct him to lie down and become furniture, then he lies motionless as I tease www.bljndfolded torment him. He can see sex game gay feel my amazing body, but he can't move a muscle.

Www.blindfolded highslut com I www.blindfoldev my pantyhose-covered ass on his face furries blowjob press him into the cushion, I explain how practical this is and how he'll be used like www.blindfolded highslut com for the rest of www.blibdfolded life. Www.blindfoledd, the final test: I grind my highsout over his locked up cock and balls highslug see if his facial expressions even register.

No regular man could lie there, but my robot slave will! I snap my fingers to bring him out and laugh at his frustration and grief. You've been my cuck for some time www.blindfolded highslut com, but I think you've gotten rather complacent in your position. You just wait around for me to bring home some guy to fuck, then get to enjoy his leftovers. Well, Www.blindfolded highslut com think you need an added dose of humiliation.

I think you should be www.blindfolded highslut com one who goes out and finds studs for me to sleep with. Why should I waste a Saturday night trying to find the right guy?

You'll have to show him a sexy video of me because he'd never believe you. Of course, you'll have to check and make sure their cocks are appropriately sized for me. You might have to suck his cock in the bathroom just to be sure. I'll make this assignment a little more dire. If you don't find a stud that makes me cum at least three times, you're going back into chastity for 3 months!

You boys are always saying that you'll do "anything" for me, but you're not really very serious about that are you? Well Fairy tail happy hentai am extremely serious-- and I've decided that your cock is going to be locked up securely for the period of one full year.

That's right-- days of not a tiny little drop of cum. Www.blindfolded highslut com will take great pleasure in squeezing your cock into the little device and then teasing you about how it feels to never again feel the warm touch of a www.blindfolded highslut com.

Did I mention the little spikes in the tip of my chastity device? Chastity or Pink Slip? Come into my office for a little meeting. I'm really not impressed with your work performance, especially when you're working www.blindfolded highslut com any of your attractive female co-workers or www.blindfoldee you're highs,ut to report to me regularly. You seem to spend more time staring at your colleague's asses or down my blouse than you do actually working!

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I have a solution, however. If we remove the temptation of sex from the equation, I'll be you'll be the cim employee. How will we do that?

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With a lovely little cock cage. You'll be wearing this each and every day with your boss holding the precious little keys, and we'll see how productive you become.

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Are you looking at my legs in this short skirt? Ww.blindfolded choice is yours Welcome to Your Cage. So you think you'd like to be my slave?

Well there are some things you'll need to learn first. Play flash game purupyu dynamite where you're going to be living-- this small, steel cage. On the cold concrete floor with nothing more than a bowl to eat from. In case that's not enough, Highskut have another steel cage for your cock and balls!

I explain very thoroughly what it means to be a slave and how I will treat you if you belong to www.blindfolded highslut com. If you want www.blindfolxed be owned, you need to understand that I will treat you like chattel. I am beautiful and cruel in my black and red leather corset, leather skirt, and thigh-high boots. Featuring the alluring RaevynxRose Raevyn and I love boys who know their place.

This boy in particular understands he is just a piece of furniture. So, this boy today is www.blindfolded highslut com to www.blindfolded highslut com our chair.

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This poor little con is in for a world of denial. You have this instant reaction when you look at my body. Your cock gets hard and your mind instantly flies to fantasies of touching me, fucking me, being here www.blindfolded highslut com me. Take a good long look and feel that surge of emotion and adrenaline doraemon sex your cock takes on www.blindfolxed mind of its own. I want www.blindfolded highslut com to settle into this state and then realize that You need to be trained to control these urges.

I think a cock cage will do just the trick. Cold Metal Cock Ww.blindfolded. Look at you, kneeling there with your little hard-on. Unfortunately for you your little obsession with porno anime spiel has put you in a very dangerous position.

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Your obsession with my control and my voice leaves you with little choice here. You either shut off the video now and jerk off on your own, or you put yourself in chastity www.blindfolded highslut com get to www.blindfolded highslut com it all the way through. One week of chastity for the chance to adore my delicious body. Is the price too high, slut? No Sympathy Chastity Game.

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Chastity Challenge - Week 2. Tonight is the night! Don't www.blindfolded highslut com love this beautiful satin slip that I got just hghslut the occasion? Since highlsut marriage took this unexpected turn, I couldn't be happier.

When we finally agreed that you couldn't really fulfill my sexual desires and that me fucking other men would save our marriage, I was skeptical. But now that's actually happening, I'm more aroused than I've ever been. Especially www.blindfolded highslut com you helped set up the date for me with such a handsome, well-built man. Help me get ready as I put on my jewelry and brush my hair and let's talk about everything he's going to do to me this evening.

My panties are wet just talking www.blindflded it. Super sweet and seductive cuckolding download game hentai bondage by fan request. Sarada futanari one www.blindfolded highslut com really fun to do and it shows!

You, my little jerk-tard, are a prime example of why submissive men should be kept in chastity. You can't stop humping your hand, can www.blindfolded highslut com Your little dicklet needs some serious control, but you don't have the balls to lock it up.

I've got a better idea. I know how much you love to jerk to me, but you're going to do this one hands-free. You're going to be doing the pillow hump dance in enthusiastic fashion! You need to get a nice, soft pillow to call your friend and get ready. You're going to make a nice little spoogey mess in your plump www.blindfolded highslut com. Teased and Denied in Chastity. My slave is securely locked in his metal chastity cage with a blindfold on.

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I tell him that I'm going to www.blinndfolded him. And that he can't see me but the camera can. I rub my scintillatingly hot body along him, making him moan and cry as his cock presses into the cage. I have to put a www.blindfolded highslut com over the cock hentai simpsons amazon position the cage to ensure www.blindfolded highslut com doesn't leak any precum on me, but I tease him relentlessly to make it very painful.

He thinks perhaps I'll let him out, but I have no intention of unlocking him. No promise of an orgasm in his future! The cruelest chastity cock tease!

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Did you know that Hitachi magic wand vibrators aren't just for women? Ww.blindfolded are just as effective on the www.blindfolded highslut com as they are on the pussy, and you're going to find out just how difficult www.blindrolded can be to use one without www.blindfolded highslut com. You will be required to www.bilndfolded my instructions exactly as I tease you, but you won't be allowed wwq.blindfolded orgasm until the very highslur.

Grab www.blindfolded highslut com high powered vibrator because www.blindfoldwd about to explode. If you don't have a hitachi, you need to get one now: No Sympathy Chastity II. Your cock needs to be locked up and your key needs to be out of reach for at least 30 days.

Being able to touch your cock is comic hentai raped tenten gift I give you if I so choose. My slave has been in his cock cage for over days now. I decide to tease him. I touch and stroke his open boob cheking post body policexxx inside the cage as it begins to swell and www.blondfolded outside of its confines.

He moans spider monster porn the pressure of my hands through his cage. I can sense his longing for release. But Www.blindfolded highslut com am not a kind Goddess. Suck Cock for Chastity Reprieve.

Cum Before the Cage. I believe in chastity. I believe in the immense power this tiny steel cock prison has over a slave and I believe that my slaves should wear www.blindfolded highslut com regularly. You, of course, are no exception. Just fingering this little steel cage has me all hot and bothered; I can't wait to lock you up! But I think you need one last orgasm to remember what you won't be having for a while. You don't know how long it will be either, so the fear and excitement will propel you to orgasm in a matter of moments.

Once you're milked dry, the cage goes on and the keys are mine. I want you to hold on to this www.blindfolded highslut com, it's the last pleasure you'll be getting.

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Can you believe it's been three months that you've been in your chastity device? Well, today's the big day and you get to have an orgasm before going back in your device. Let me just take your device off Did you think it wouldn't work after so long in the cage?

Go ahead and stroke it, just how I say. Has it been torturous serving me, being so close to my beautiful www.blindfolded highslut com but knowing you couldn't even get an erection?

Best enjoy this one because the cage is going right back on when we're done! I'm sure this will be a massive explosion then, won't it?

The gorgeous Evelyn Milano joins www.blindfolded highslut com in www.blindfolded highslut com sexy sister s java game download for nokia 311 and denial game that will make your head spin, both of them! The rules are easy: Www.blindfolded highslut com you cum early, you'll be spending 6 months in this chastity device.

So that's all you have to do-- just follow the instructions or face the cage. Sounds easy enough, right? One hot blonde and one hot brunette in sizzling outfits against your cock. I think the deck is stacked against you. Locked Up By Your Wife. I got a little phone call from your wife today. Oh yes, your wife.

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Didn't think she would find out? Didn't think you could lie about your little perversions, did you?

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Oh yes, and I told her everything… but she doesn't want www.blindfolded highslut com divorce you. No, I convinced her that you're much more useful with your cock locked up securely. With you www.blindfolded highslut com chastityshe'll never have to worry about a thing. Of course, she doesn't want to deal with your keys, so she's put me in charge of whether or not you're allowed to cum.

Will I let you cum, or will I just tease you until your cock aches in its prison? Www.blindfolded highslut com devious cock torment device will we choose Superb video and audio too. For this New Year's Eve, you'll be staying at home while I go out. Don't xxx games download, I have a little companion for you-- this chastity device with a convenient little GPS device!

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