ONLINE ONLY- BID NOW! Antiques from Estate- Crocks, Spongeware, Glassware, Primitives, & More

To register, see the catalog, and bid on items, you need to click on BID NOW. Below is a list of the items and pictures of a select few items. 

Blue Kerosene Iron with Trivet; Jadite Sunkist Juicer; Jewel Tea Water Pitcher; Green Depression Butter Dish; Shawnee Bo Peep Pitcher; #1 Crock Lid; Spongeware Bowl; Shawnee Corn Cream Pitcher; Redwing Chef Cookie Jar; Jadite Salt, Pepper, and Sugar Set; Roseville Water Lily Vase 141-8; Jewel Tea Coffee Pot; #3 Crock Lid; Green Depression Lg Juicer with finger well; Pearl USA Tea Pot With Creamer and Sugar; Indian Maiden with Bow and Arrow; Minnesota Stoneware Jug; Blue Stoneware Pitcher and Mug; Copper Kettle; Mantel Clock; Spongeware Bowl; Star Flower #16 Watt Ware Pitcher; Wooden Bowl; Stoneware Milk Jar with Lid; 2 Graniteware Spoons; Jewel Tea Tea Pot; #3 Crock Lid; Canister Set with Lids; Blue Stripe Crock Beater Jar; Green Depression Glass Coffee Canister; Hull Wildflower W10 8.5" Vase; Daisy 3# Butter Crock; Wall Coffee Grinder; Green Depression 1 Qt. Measuring Pitcher; 4 Piece Set With Additional Flour Shaker; 2 Split Wood Basket with Lids; Star Flower #15 Watt Ware Pitcher; Minnesota Stoneware Jug; Kerosene Lamp; Minnesota Stoneware Wide Mouth Jug; Green Depression Beater with Cup; Jewel Tea Pitcher; #4 Crock Lid; Lu-Ray Pastels 5 Cereal Bowls; Kerosene Lamp with Finger Hole; Sugar Jar; C 5 Pound Blue Butter Crock; Indian Maiden Picture Painted on Wood; Spongeware Mixing Bowl; Wood Box with D.M. Ferry Advertising; Jewel Tea Serving Bowl; 7 C  Stoneware Bowl; Square Bottom Split Wood Basket; Blue Band Stoneware Creamer; Lu-Ray Pastels 3 Vegetable Bowls; Redwing Crock Poultry Buttermilk Feeder; Green Depression Juicer with strainer holes; Redwing Bowl; Kerosene Lamp; Hull 6.5" Wildflower Vase; Jewel Tea Pie Plate; 2 sugar bowls with lids Iris on Herringbone; Blue Band Stoneware Pitcher; Lu-Ray Pastels 2 Serving Bowls; Wedgewood & Co. Tea Leaf Platters; Grey Graniteware Cake Pan; Spice Grinder, Cream Skimmer, Mixer, Flour Sifter; Lu-Ray Pastels Cups and Saucers; Blue Stoneware Bowl; Blue and White Bow Knot Pitcher; Lu-Ray Pastels 16 - 6 Inch Plates; Set of 6 Individual Creamers; Pine Needle Basket with Lid; Lu-Ray Pastels Serving Platters; #5&6 Crock Lid; Black Memorabilia Salt and Pepper Set; Lu-Ray Pastels 13 Dinner Plates; Wide Mouth Brown Top Pitcher; 7A Redwing Blue Stripe Bowl; Lu-Ray Pastels 2 Sugar Bowls and 2 Creamers; McCoy Aunt Jamima Cookie Jar; Lu-Ray Pastels Pink Gravy Boat; Lu-Ray Pastels Salt and Pepper; Green Depression Salt and Pepper Set; Lu-Ray Pastels 4 - 7.5 inch Plate; Set of 8 Iris on Herringbone Juice Glasses; Gold Metal Foods Recipe File; Blue Butter Crock; Salt Glaze Crock; Green Depression Refrigerator Dish; Lu-Ray Pastels Mini Bowls; Kerosene Lamp; Spongeware Cookie Jar with Lid; Green Glass Salt and Pepper Set; Glass Glass Coffee Canister; 6 piece Spice Set; Minnesota Stoneware Redwing Brown Widemouth Jug; Crock Lid; Pine Needle Baskets with Lids; Minnesota Stoneware Brown Jar - No Lid; Pressed Wood Mantel Clock; Blue & White Graniteware Ladle; Blue Swan Creamer; 2 Butter Crocks;Small Kerosene Lamp; Jewel Tea Cake Plate; Green Depression Salt and Pepper; Salt Glaze Tapered Jar; Green Depression Cake Plate; Indian Maiden at Waterfall Picture; 6 piece Canister Set; Hall Blue Tea Pot; Redwing Saffron Ware Casserole with Lid; Salt Box and Oil and Vinegar Cruet; Black with Gold Hall Teapot - 6 Cup; Brown Butter Crock; Blue and White Graniteware Coffee Pot; 6 piece Spice Set; #10 Crock Lid; Dovetail Box with Lid and Red Cedar Jewelry Box; 2 Candle Holders Iris on Herringbone; 5 Nesting Bowl Set; Redwing Brown Bean Pot with Lid; Blue Graniteware Coffee Pot; 3 Big Little Books; Jadite Refrigerator Jar; Hall's Cookie Jar; 'Always Lovers' Picture; Redwing Brown Jug; Blue and White Windmill and Bush Pitcher; Grape Platter; Floral Decorative Plate; Redwing Stoneware Jug; Jadite 4" x 4" Refrigerator Jar; Minnesota Stoneware Crock - 1 Gal.; Ironstone Platter; Hall's Green with Gold Teapot - 2 Cup; Fruit Decorative Plate; 2 Baskets; 2 Mugs; Cast Iron String Holder; Blue and White Graniteware Pan; Spice Rack with 16 Red Top White Bottles; Grey Graniteware Pail; Matching Western Crocks; Edgemont Cracker Tin; Wood Recipe File; Blue Willow Tea Pot; Milk Bottle Carrier with Bottles; 2 Potato Chip Tins; Iris on Herringbone Bowl; Pair of Electric Lamps; Maple Sap Collection Pail; Wash Tub Roller with Fluted Wood Roller

ONLINE ONLY- BID NOW!  Antiques from Estate- Crocks, Spongeware, Glassware, Primitives, & More

On-line Auction Details

Start Date & Time:
Thursday, April 10, 2014 @ 12:00 PM CST
End Date & Time:
Thursday, April 24, 2014 @ 6:00 PM CST
ONLINE ONLY- BID NOW!  Antiques from Estate- Crocks, Spongeware, Glassware, Primitives, & More
N8846 Olson RD
Iola, WI 54945
Preview Date & Time:
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
From 4pm - 6pm
Pickup Date & Time:
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
By Appointment by April 30 at NOON

Terms - Please read the terms carefully as they are a legal binding contract between you and Sterling Auction & Realty Services, LLC.  All disputes will be settled by arbitration in Portage County, Wisconsin. 

No Buyer's fee.  Payment will be taken in the form of credit card for all items to be shipped and cash, good check, or credit card for items to be picked up.  Individuals wishing to pick up their items must notify Sterling Auction & Realty Services, LLC by noon CST the day following the auction (4/25/14) and schedule pickup of their items by noon CST Wednesday 4/30/14.  If we have not heard from you by noon day following the auction, your items will be shipped.  All items requiring shipment will be charged to your Credit Card.  Packaging, shipping, and handling will be charged as a separate transaction once the items are shipped.  4% fee for Credit Card use. Packaging will start Monday April 28 and items will be shipped during that week.

 Winning bidders will receive notification of items purchased by email following the close of the auction. All pickups will need to make an appointment for pickup.  Any items left after 30 days become property of Sterling Auction and Realty Services, LLC.  

 Item conditions are noted and a variety of pictures included for you to judge condition.  Items will be available for inspection on Wenesday April 23 between 4-6 PM CST at Sterling Auction Services site.

The auction will close with a staggered close, meaning one item at a time in order.  A soft close will take place on items that have been bid on during the last few minutes of he auction, extending the time on that particular item until no further bidding takes place on that item.

Wisconsin Licensed Auctioneer 

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