Coins & Collectibles Live Auction

A great selection of vintage Coins and Collectibles will be up for auction.

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Coins to be sold at Noon

Not Cataloged Items:

Set of Miller Mirrors, Miller & Miller Lite neon signs, globe w/ temp & barometer, Knives; Colt, Winchester, Marbles and others, numerous old guns, fish mount, shoe shine stand, mighty Might and other old boat motors, 200+ still banks, pitcher pump, 100 pound anvil, corn planter parts, cross bow, LP’s, scooter, spinning wheel, Pepsi stand, Miller beer tray and others, large selection of beer mirrors, Mobil oil cans w/ Pegasus,  Signs: Speed limit, Packer, Stop, Lumber, DeKalb, Pepsi, neon Irish Setter, large Lite beer sign (lighted), Penzoil, NFL, Red Wolf and lots of others, 

Cataloged Coins:

Gold: 1908 D $5, 1928 $2.5, 1880 $5 Full Liberty, 1912 $2.5, 1907 $5 Liberty, 1909 $2.5, 1881 $5, 1911 $2.5, 1910 $2.5 Indian, 1836 $2.5, 1986 $5, 1853 $1, 1915 Australian gold.  Silver: 1921, 1921 D & S,1900 O, 1923 Peace, 1879 CC,  1898 Morgan, 1890 CC and many others, 1858 Flying Eagle Cents, V nickels, Morgan halves, bust halves, walking liberty halves, seated liberty halves, barber halves, standing liberty, 1838 O seated dimes (no stars, no drape), barber quarters, half dimes, seated dimes, shield nickels, Washington quarters, franklin halves, Ike dollars, 1875 CC dimes, 3 cent pieces, buffalo nickels, 1773 Virginia colony coin, Jefferson nickels, Lincoln pennies, large cents, Mercury dimes, Indian head pennies, Susan B. Anthony, 2 cent pieces, Double Eagle commemoratives and others, Kennedy halves, 1875 S 20 cent seated liberty, mint errors, wheat cents, Canadian (cents, mints, dollars), Foreign coins and currency, Currency: $1 noted from Allegany County Bank in Maryland, 1861 $3 Demand note from Citizens Bank of Louisiana, 1846 $100 Canal Bank Note, 1917 $1 note, silver certificates, 1864 $500 Confederate demand note.

Much More:

Arrowheads and spear points, bird advertising cards, pocket watches, Batman plastic marbles, swastika patch, 1915 Winnebago County Fair whistle, Army locket, leather postcard, and more!

Auction Details

Date & Time:
Saturday, January 05, 2013 @ 9:00 AM CST
N2475 13th Gateway
Wautoma, WI 54982

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