2 Funeral Home Contents- Hearse, Caskets, Chairs, Tools

Items Sold Individually

1998 Cadillac Eagle Hearse- 40,682 Miles, 2 Ferno 101 H Tables, 17 Caskets, 5 Cremation Caskets, 2 Antique Wicker Caskets, 16 Casket Trucks, 5 Casket Stands, Simplicity Hydro Lawn Tractor, Gibson Stacked Washer & Dryer, Lawnboy Push Mover, Snapper 9hp Rider, Toro 1000E Snowblower

Note: Items may be seen day of auction
at 10 AM. Items selling individually will be at the Ripon
site. Items listed below will be at the site they were used.
To determine where these group items are located, note if it has an
R or an M it its name. For example- Chapel Group R1 is located
in Ripon. Chapel Group M1 is located in Markesan. The
Markesan location will be open day of sale from 10 AM to Noon.

Items Sold By Group

NOTE: Groups may be adjusted by sale day.

Chapel Group R1- 5 Sofas; 3 Wingback Chairs; 77 Cane Back Chairs; 5 Oak End Tables; 5 Brass Lamps

Chapel Group R2- 33 Pedestal & Folding Flower Stands; 2 Pedestal Candle Holders; 2 Pedestal Lamps; Casket Bier; Kneeler; Flag and Stand Podium; 4 Large Pictures; 3 Easels

Chapel Group R3- 125 Folding Chairs, mostly padded

Chapel Group M1- 7 Sofas; 6 Wingback Chairs; 57 Padded Chairs; 6 End Tables; 4 Lamps; Large Picture of Christ

Chapel Group M2- 39 Pedestal & Folding Flower Stands; 2 Pedestal Candle Holders; Casket Bier Kneeler; Podium; 3 Easels

Chapel Group M3- 103 Folding Chairs

Selection Room Group M1- 3 Casket Stands; 2 Casket Shelves; 5 Shipping Trays; Moving Boards

Selection Room Group M2- 24 Urns or Vaults

Office Group R1- Dell Computer, Monitor and printer; Desk and Chair; Oak Book Shelf; Canon 7130F Copier; Sharp Fax Machine; Wingbnack Chair; 3 Office Chairs; Wall Clock

Office Group M1- Desks and Chairs; Dell Computer and Monitor; HP Officejet 4500 Printer; Oak Book Shelves; Canon 1020 Copier; Brother Fax Machine; Smith Typewriter; 3 Office Chairs; Computer Desk and Chairs; Credenza; Wall Clock; 2 File Cabinets

Lounge Group R1- Round Oak Table; 4 Oak Chairs; 2 Sofas; TV-VCR; 4 Highback Chairs; 3 Coffee Tables; Coffee Table; Microwave; Children's Games; Wall Clock

Lounge Group M1- 2 Table; Sofa; TV; Refrigerator; Children's Games; Wall Clock

Sound Room Group R1- Organ; Sony CD Player; Universal Sound System; 2 Wireless Microphones; Dual Cassette Player; Sony 5-CD Exchanger; 2 Folding Mic Stands; Bookshelf; 2 Chairs; Organ Bench

Sound Room Group M1- Organ; Organ Bench; Technics 5 Disc CD Player; Universal Sound System; Dual Cass. Player; 2 Chairs

Prep Room Group R1- Turner Embalming Machine; Embalming Instruments; Cot; Positioning Devices; Plastic Garments; Chemicals; Cosmetic Supplies

Prep Room Group M1- 2 Turner Embalming Machines; Embalming Instruments; 2 Cots; 2 Dressing Tables; Positioning Devices; Plastic Garments; Bottles Or Cans Of Chemicals; Cosmetic
Supplies; 2 Cases Of Aprons

Lobby & Private Room Group R1- 5 Wingback Chairs; Oak Table and 8 Chairs; 4 Oak Literature Rack; 2 Highback Chairs; Oak Coffee Tables; 3 Brass Lamps; Small Antique Desk & Chair;
Bulova Mantel Clock; Red Love Seat; 3 Brass Candle Holders; Dehumidifier; 3 Pictures & Mirror; Changeable Sign

Lobby Group M1- 2 Green Wingback Chairs; Octagon Table; Oak Literature Rack

Garage Group R1- Ryobi Gas Weedeater; 4 Folding "No Parking" Signs; 2 Pedestal "No Parking" Signs; 20 Magnetic Funeral Flags; Shovels; Rakes; Gas Cans; Extension Cords; Garbage Cans

Garage Group M1- Lawnboy Push Mover; Shovel; Hose; Gas Can; Extension Cord; Garbage Cans

Garage Group M2- 8 Folding "No Parking" Signs; 2 Pedestal "No Parking" Signs

Auction Details

Date & Time:
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 @ 1:00 PM CST
175 N Douglas St
Ripon, WI 54971

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